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Conpacmmix (BD) Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance chemicals for the construction industry, with a particular focus on constructional related chemical products and materials. This company is founded by a group of professionals from the relevant industry with rich experience and international exposure. Our goal is to bring complete solution of construction related problems that can be solved using construction chemicals with technical teams which are truly for sound and healthy environment. Its production facility is currently in Bangladesh collaboration with German Technology. The manufacturing procedure meets the specifications of International Standards including German based manufacturing facilities.

Categories and Product Range :

With our wide range of products for construction, we try to assist our customers save costs and stand out from the competition. Discover more by visiting our divisional pages or by clicking on one of our innovation pages in the carousel.

Floor Hardener

Premix Plaster

Skim Coating

Bricks Treatment

Concrete Admixtures


Water-proofing Jobs

Concrete Joint Bonding

PU & Epoxy Flooring

Bolt & Rebar Anchoring

Repair Mortars & Grouts

Surface Treatment

Bolt & Rebar Anchoring

Restoration Products

Special Job Products


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We are industrial commercial residential, floor hardener, fair face plaster, Skim coating, Waterproofing systems, epoxy, PU Flooring & all construction works Chemicals.

Dhaka Office

295/jha, beribadnd, rayerbajar 
north side of z.h sikadar medical college & hospital , DHAKA -1209 bangladesh


Narshinghati, Katakhali baZar
magura -7600 bangladesh

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